5 Factors To Consider When Setting Up Your Workspace


Setting up your designer workstation can be fun but you need to ask the right questions before getting started. From picking out the right furniture to deciding the type of workstation you want, all of this can be an incredible journey if you know the right questions to ask.

For example, start by considering your work habits. Do you have a specific place where you sit and work? Do you like to be flexible around the day? Do you work creatively, which means that you want the flexibility to work from wherever you want?

Depending on these answers, you can determine if you are building a workspace for the modern habit or if you want a traditional workstation.




5 Key Factors To Consider


Irrespective of your working habit, these are the five key factors you must consider before setting up your solid wood workstation.


  • Available Space


You probably have a rough idea of how you want your working space to look. Now is the time to dive deeper into the details of that plan. Consider the available space. Are you working from a limited space? Do you have free reign over an entire room?

Depending on space availability, you can decide where you want to put your table, chair, or any decor pieces. Try not to fill the place with furniture. Cover the basics and move on to enhancing the functionality of your workspace by adding a laptop stand for desk.

A laptop stand can make it easy for you to place your laptop and work from different places within your office, home, or any place outside. And instead of buying the best laptop stand for table, consider getting an anywhere laptop stand that is extremely versatile and is built for modern work habits.


  • Adjustability


Most people spend roughly 8 hours behind their desks working. This kind of lifestyle has been linked to many ailments and has been heavily discouraged by the medical community. This is why the modern workspace needs to be adjustable. It should encourage fluidity and allow individuals to stay productive without compromising their health.

Make sure that your workstation is built to provide support and comfort to your spine. Your office supplies should be within reach and your devices should be at an ideal height that doesn’t cause discomfort. Consider getting a mobile stand that helps keep your phone at eye level so you don’t have to constantly struggle to attend to all your calls.


  • Storage


Irrespective of how many office supplies you have, you need to make sure that those office supplies can be stored easily. For example, consider a desk rug. You need a desk rug to feel comfortable while working and to place all your office supplies. But most desk mats tend to be quite stiff and cannot be stored easily.

This is why consider getting a suede desk rug. This premium quality product will ensure that you are comfortable all day long and you can simply store the desk mat by rolling it at the end of the day.


  • Quality


Whenever you are setting up a designer workstation, make sure that all furniture is of good quality. This saves money and ensures that you only get products that have a longer shelf life.

For example, buy solid wood furniture instead of engineered wood products. Solid wood products are sustainable and tend to last for decades. You can even purchase an entire desk set like NOOE’s Red Dot Award-winning CONFIG-01 Collection.


  • Desk Organisation


While setting up your workstation, it might be easy to forget that eventually, the desk will get messy. But before that happens, you need to make sure that you have enough desk organisation tools in your space.

Get a wire governor to make sure that you don’t get lost in the jumble created by your million wires. Also, buy an exhibit desk organiser to make sure that you can easily keep track of your important work accessories.

If you consider these factors, the final workstation will look something like: 




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Your workstation is without a doubt an extension of your personality and your work ethic. This is why you must make sure that you have a workstation that allows you to be your best every single day.

At NOOE, we are here to champion work. All our designer products are created for modern creatives who care about where they work and how. All NOOE products are made from sustainable materials in a manner that creates zero waste. Check out our latest collection here.



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