Premium Christmas Gifts For Every Personality Type

Christmas Gifts

The gift-giving season has officially arrived and we couldn’t be more excited about Christmas 2022. This is the first time in years when COVID-19 seems like a bad dream and the obsessive shoppers can finally get out and pick the best Christmas Gift for their loved ones.

But what if you need a bit of help finding the perfect Christmas gifts? What if you want to pick something thoughtful and useful?

In that case, we have got your back. We know picking a memorable Christmas gift is tricky, which is why we have made a list of christmas gift ideas that is tailored to the personality of your loved ones and is suited to every budget.


The Best Christmas Gifts For Friends And Family In 2022


From best-sellers to products that require a bit of splurge, this is our list of the ideal gifts for this holiday season.


  • NOOE CONFIG-01 Set - For The Modern Creative


The CONFIG-01 set by NOOE is a workspace ecosystem designed to elevate, organise, and inspire work. Each piece has been thoughtfully designed and is made with premium materials like Vegan Suede, Space-Grade Aluminium, and Solid American Walnut.

This christmas gift set is perfect for anybody who either engages in creative work or wants to be productive all day long. The christmas gift set can help you create a designer workspace in any corner of your house, office, or wherever you might want to work. This christmas gift idea has the following elements:

  • Anywhere Laptop Stand
  • Hands-On Mobile Stand
  • Exhibit Desk Organiser
  • Suede Desk Rug
  • Wire Governor

Get the NOOE CONFIG-01 set here.




  • NOOE Suede Mouse Rug - For The Tech Enthusiast

The NOOE Suede Mouse Rug has been intelligently crafted for heightened mouse usability, comfort, and a plush tactile experience. It is ideal for all tech enthusiasts who own high-end mice and want a separate base for their devices.

The mouse rug is as fantastic as their latest piece of technology and is made from the softest Vegan Suede. The mouse rug comes with the signature NOOE cross stitch and a loop to hold a pen, pencil, or wires.

Get the NOOE suede mouse rug here.




  • NOOE Mobile Stand - For The One Who Likes To Be In Control


The NOOE Solid American Walnut mobile stand enables uninterrupted multitasking and active hand-gesture usage through minimal screen obstruction. The Space-Grade Aluminium frame raises the screen at an ideal angle for video calls.

The mobile stand is powered with a perforated design to enable easy cable passthrough and audio acoustics. The mobile stand is the ideal gift for anybody who is always on the go and wants complete control over their device.

Click here to buy the NOOE mobile stand.




  • NOOE Suede Desk Rug - For The Comfort Loving


The NOOE Suede Desk Rug is made with the softest Vegan Suede. The product was specially crafted for everybody who loves a bit of comfort and cares about what they will be touching all day.

The desk mat gives an exceptional tactile experience with every touch. It comes with the signature NOOE cross stitch. The rug is easy to clean and works exceptionally well with an optical mouse and can also be used to place your work equipment.

Click here to buy the NOOE suede desk rug.




  • NOOE Suede Desk Rug Pro - For The One Who Lives Large


The NOOE Suede Desk Rug Pro is a large-size desk mat that is made with the softest suede. The desk rug is incredibly plush and will have the user reaching for it all day. The desk mat gives an exceptional tactile experience with every touch and is easy to clean. It works well with an optical mouse. It also makes a great christmas gift for women.

The NOOE desk rug covers most of your desk and is perfect for laying all your work essentials. This means that the user can always work in an atmosphere of luxe and comfort. This is the answer to the question of 'what is the best christmas gift' this year that you have been looking for. This is a perfect gift for anybody who likes to be comfortable and needs a plush atmosphere to work in.

Buy the NOOE suede desk rug pro here.




  • NOOE Exhibit Desk Organiser - For The Neat Freak


This compact desk organiser is a must-have for all creatives who crave a touch of luxury, and style in their workspace. The NOOE desk organiser has an elegant silhouette with Scandinavian-inspired clean lines. The intelligent space differentiation works great with everyday tools like apple pencil, pens, watch, and other stationary pieces.

The desk organiser is built from solid American Walnut and Space-Grade Aluminium. It is just what you need when you need to add a little sanity and style to your designer workspace. This is the one gift that any OCD friend would love to get from their secret Santa. This also makes a great christmas gift for men.

Buy the NOOE exhibit desk organiser here.




  • NOOE Anywhere Laptop Stand - For The Versatile User


A laptop stand that can be used on your desk, sofa, or wherever you want. The stand's height and angle are carefully calculated for laptop use, journaling, or tablet use to create a versatile ergonomic mobility platform that improves one's day.

The NOOE laptop stand is built with solid American Walnut and Space-Grade Aluminium. And makes for an excellent gift for new-age creatives who don’t like their productivity to be hindered by their space.

Buy the NOOE Anywhere laptop stand here.




  • NOOE Wire Governor - For The One Who Needs Order In Life


The NOOE wire governor is the ideal gift for a loved one who needs a little cleaning and organising every now and then. The wire manager is the one piece of beauty that you need to navigate the mess created by your million wires.

The wire governor is made from Solid American Walnut and is extremely sturdy. The product can be placed on a desk, side table, or anywhere else one might find eye sores.

Get the NOOE wire governor here.



Interesting Facts About The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Christmas is a fun time for millions of people across the globe. It’s strongly associated with Christmas lights, decorations, good wishes, and the Christmas tree. But it doesn’t come without a few interesting stories and facts.

Lucky for you, we are here to unpack some of those stories about how Christmas originated.


The Origins Of Christmas


Ask anybody around you about the origins of Christmas and the first thing out of their mouth will be ‘Jesus Christ’s birthday.’ While this is true, this specific celebration did not begin until the fourth century. Before that, Easter was the main celebration for Christians.

In third-century Rome, its citizens celebrated the winter solstice, which was a mid-December festival Saturnalia celebrated for the god of Saturn and the birthday of the sun god, Sol Invictus, on 25 December. There has been some interesting speculation about why that date was adopted to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.

One common belief is that St. Hippolytus claimed 25 December for Christianity first when he claimed that the birthdate of Jesus was 25 December in his commentary on the book of Daniel, which was written circa 205 AD. There are some scholars who do not agree with this particular date as the factual birthdate.

According to, Pope Julius I chose 25 December in an effort to adopt and absorb the traditions of the pagan Saturnalia festival. But there are still experts who disagree and have their own interpretations of the events.


Some People Celebrate Christmas In January!


Technically, the original Christmas festival was observed on 7 January. This was because the Julian calendar, also known as the Old Calendar, was used in Julius Caesar’s time until Pope Gregory XIII’s reform. After that, the Gregorian calendar was adopted.

With this change, there were over a week of days in the year that was lost. This is why, if we use the Julian calendar, like some Orthodox Christians who still do, 25 December will fall on a different day.

The first recorded Christmas celebration was on 25 December 336 AD. The date was chosen because it’s nine months after the Annunciation, which celebrates Christ’s conception in the womb of the Virgin Mary. This falls on 25 March, which is also the date of the spring equinox.

Because of the significance of the time between the spring equinox and Christmas Day, it didn’t make sense for some people to celebrate earlier when many others adopted the new 25 December as the Christmas celebration.

Typically, Orthodox Christian believers observe the Nativity and Adoration of the Shepherds on 6 January. Adoration of the Magi and Christmas Day is celebrated on 7 January. These feast days are about going to church and gathering with loved ones for lavish meals.


The Time When Christmas Was Cancelled In America!


Puritan settlers arrived in America sometime around 1620. They believed that Christmas was too extravagant and did not celebrate the holiday. This was one of the reasons why celebrating Christmas was banned in Boston from 1659 to 1681!


Christmas Declared As An Official Holiday


Christmas was recognized as a federal holiday in 1870. 


The Extension Of the Christmas Festivities


For many Christians, Christmas is a part of a twelve-day celebration, which means it extends well over 25 December! During that time, there is a lot of religious feasting. These believers observe Christmastide as a liturgical season that starts with Advent and ends sometime in January.

For some people, the season ends on 6 January, or the Sunday that is closest to the date, the Day of Epiphany, which is celebrated as the day when the Wise men visited Jesus. Some people celebrate for forty days and end the celebration on 2 February, which is known as Candlemas and is celebrated as the presentation of Jesus in the temple.


Why All The Christmas Season Variations


It’s always complex to look into the history of anything. The early Christians celebrated the incarnation of God, from the annunciation to his resurrection, on a number of different feast days. They also celebrated the changes in the season with other members of their community on days like winter solstice and spring solstice.

Interestingly, the religious faithful coming to America did not celebrate Christmas at all, wanting to separate themselves from Britain. This is another reason why Christmas was not a federal holiday until 1870.

Today, people across the world celebrate the holiday season with Christmas trees, yule logs, figgy puddings, and a lot of good wishes. It’s easy to get into the holiday spirit with Advent calendars, family baking days, singing carols, and incorporating helpers like Santa Claus and Elf.

Irrespective of how the holiday is celebrated, it’s always beautiful and meaningful. When it comes to the history of Christmas, the days and traditions may change but the spirit of the holiday remains the same. Merry Christmas!



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