Why All Premium Furniture Is Made With Solid Wood - 6 Reasons Why You Should Make The Switch

Premium Solid Wood Furniture

Whether it's residential or commercial furniture, premium products last longer and are not prone to breakage, wear, and tear. Premium furniture is often made of wood, high-quality fabric, and metal.

Arguably, wood is the most important material required for creating the basic furniture frame. This is why most high-end brands ensure that they only buy solid wood capable of supporting all sorts of weight.

If you are in the market for premium office furniture, you should stick to solid wood products. Here are some reasons why.


  • Better User Experience


Furniture created with solid wood is straight, aligned, and has firm fibers. This is one of the highest-quality materials that can be used as furniture. The products last longer and are not prone to cracking or breaking due to shakes or normal pressure. Solid wood products are also easy to refinish and repair.


Wooden furniture


  • Safety


It seems counterintuitive that wood products could be resistant to fire. But high-quality solid wood is dense and has low heat conductivity, which is dependent on the wood's porosity, temperature, bulk density, and moisture content.

Fun fact, the coast redwood is one of the most fireproof woods in the world. It has a thick bark with deep grooves and can even act as a fireproof shell.


Safe Wood


  • Lower Cost of Ownership


High-quality wood is not permeable to water to a large extent. With proper care, solid wood products made from these woods can last even for generations. High-quality wood is also naturally resistant to termites. This is why high-end brands that manufacture premium furniture ensure they only use the highest quality wood that termites and insects cannot infiltrate to make their homes.


Long-Lasting Wood


But what if you want to go the extra mile to protect your solid wood furniture? In that case, follow the product care tips.


  • Durability


Crafting furniture is a rigorous process during which solid wood doesn't even break or crack easily. Solid wood products can withstand pressure from any direction and maintain their shape. This is why strong woods like Walnut, Teak, Merbau, and Mahogany are used for making premium furniture.

Further, a dense wood with close-knot grains is often resistant to decay. High-quality wood has this density, which is integral in providing durability to your premium furniture products.


Durable Wood


  • Charm of Woodworking


You might have noticed that premium solid wood furniture usually doesn't come in many color variants. One of the reasons is that these high-quality solid wood products have a natural color and shine that can only be tarnished by using artificial colors. This charm of woodwork is easily visible in high-quality solid wood furniture.


Charming Wooden Furniture


  • Sustainability


Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, solid wood furniture is also sustainable. This means that every time you bring a high quality wood product at home, you improve the aesthetic of your space and contribute towards a cleaner and sustainable environment.


Sustainable Wood


Buy Premium Solid Wood Products at NOOE


Purchasing premium furniture made from solid wood for your home and office can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. Buying solid wood furniture won't just provide you with the features mentioned above but will also ensure that you can get rid of rough surfaces, scratches, and dents that come with cheaper furniture.

On top of this, every wood has a different texture. Every wood has a different color. And every solid wood furniture has an intricate pattern hidden underneath, making it a truly unique product.

And if you want to own unique solid wood furniture, we at NOOE have an incredible collection that you can check out right now.



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