Red Dot Award Winner: NOOE

Red Dot Winner

The Red Dot International Jury has awarded CONFIG 01 the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. This is a great honor as the Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions, with roughly 20,000 submissions.


Red dot award certificate


The Red Dot Award 2022 label is one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design. The Jury consisted of 48 international members who assessed the product professionally, individually, and comprehensively.

Speaking about the results of the Red Dot Awards, Piyush Suri, Founder of NOOE, says “The Red Dot is the world’s largest and most prestigious design competition. Receiving this sought-after accolade was a goal we had when we started in 2020. We are proud and delighted that we could achieve this so soon. We are pumped and cannot wait to show what more we have in store.”


About Red Dot


The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious German international design prize. It is awarded by Red Dot Gmbh & Co. KG. The prizes are for different categories, including product design, brand and communication design, and design concepts.

Since 1955, designers and producers have been applying for the prize, and the winners are presented in an annual ceremony. Winning products are also presented, among others, in the Red Dot Design Museum, which is located on the premises of the historical Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany.

The Red Dot Design Museum Essen was built in 1997. It was the first Red Dot Design Museum. The second museum was built in Singapore in 2005.


The Award-Winning Product


The award-winning companies set new standards in the design industry with their entries this year. The standards set for winning were extremely high, and yet NOOE’s CONFIG 01 excelled all expectations. This was a great achievement for the team, given that it was their first-ever submission.

The Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury had this to say about the products “The functionally designed Config 01 desk set fascinates with an equally exceptional and exquisite material combination.”




This is not surprising as the products were made with premium materials like walnut wood and aluminum. The elegant and sophisticated desk accessory is made with a combination of wood and metal that lends the entire product range an aesthetic appeal with sustainability at its core.


The Other Brands That Won


Apart from NOOE’s award-winning CONFIG-01 set, there were other products that the Jury couldn’t help but admire, including.

  • Konekt the Room Divider
  • Yonda, the Multipurpose Chair
  • OC the Mobile Battery

These brands embody an appealing and aesthetic ecological transformation. These products can be used for different purposes without compromising on the aesthetic of the overall setup.


How To Get Your Hands on NOOE’s CONFIG 01?


NOOE’s CONFIG-01 set was crafted with care in Copenhagen, Denmark. The product development philosophy has ensured we can craft high-quality products for creative movers and shakers. Receiving the prestigious Red Dot Award has only heightened our zeal to continue delivering premium furniture.

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